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Hi there. I'm JaNeice. Hmm, "that's an interesting name," you might be thinking. Indeed, it is. And I frequently get asked how my parents came up with such a unique name... and why the capital "N."


Well, here's the story-or at least the one I've been told all my life. The "Ja" comes from Jack (my dad), the "eice" from Patrice (my mom), and the "N" is to signify the word AND. Yup, it's a mashup. Kind of like Brangelina and Bennifer. Guess my parents were really cutting edge, because I was around way before (and after) those celebrity couples. 

Now wait... isn't the saying, "I before E, except after C"!?! Well, that's a longer discussion that is best left for another day. Now, let's talk about YOU. There's a reason you're here... and read my diatribe above. How can I help you with your upcoming event?

My Story

By DAY, I'm a marketing technology consultant for a large pharmaceuticals company. But by NIGHT, well, that's when I let all my creativity spill out. 

Design is something I've always been passionate about, and that passion has taken on many forms. Whether I'm designing a room in my home or a room in a Barbie's home, I get equally excited. It's TRUE! There's something extra rewarding about being able to tell a story visually, and evoking an emotion from all those who get to experience it.


Events are something I have naturally gravitated to... much like a moth to a flame. You'll often find me chairing a local event, spending an embarrassing amount of time on Pinterest, or hosting an over the top party for my kiddos-any excuse to be part of producing an event. Through the years, I've invested (uh hmm) my fair share of money into event decor. And now, I'm hoping to put it to work for me. From renting out event decor, to creating mood boards, to floral design and arrangements, or even a fully produced event... I'm here to help you dream big, and execute bigger. Like a Boss, a Birthday Boss. 


I'd love to help you make your vision a reality. Let's connect. 

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